Fires on Rakino

Fire is a major danger on Rakino. The Fire Service’s regulations are outlined below should you want to light a fire in the Restricted Fire Season.

When is a permit needed for Rakino?

During a Restricted Fire Season, a permit must be obtained for any solid fuel fire in the open air

During a Prohibited Fire Season all solid fuel fires are banned.

Due to the vegetation types on the island and challenges for emergency services to get to the island in a timely manner, a Prohibited Fire Season (total fire ban) is in place over the summer months. Most years a “Restricted Fire Season” (Fire by permit only) will be in place from the April 1st to December 1st, however the “Restricted Fire Season” may be shortened in dryer than normal conditions.

Check the Auckland Council Fire Season, or call 09 301 0101.

Note: even with a fire permit, you are liable for fire extinguishment costs and damages should your fire escape or if you accidentally cause a fire.

We recommend that everyone check that their insurance includes forest and rural fires liability.

How do I obtain a new fire permit?

An Auckland Council Fire Permit can be obtained online (supporting photos of what you are wanting to burn as well as the surroundings make the permit issue much easier). If going online is difficult then you can call the Council on 09 301 0101 and they will enter your details for you.

How do I renew a previous permit?

You can renew an existing permit if your are wanting to have fire of the same size in the same place as you have done under a previous permit or you can call the Council on 09 301 0101 and they will enter your details for you.

How do we ensure that the burn can be done safely?

When the Rural Fire Officer issues the Fire Permit, he may specify additional conditions but here are some suggestions to consider before you start.

What can we burn?

Provided it is safe and a permit has been obtained, people are able to burn dry vegetation and untreated timber.

What can’t be burned?

Due to the severe pollution released, the following items are not allowed to be burned:

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